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Agri Life NITROFIX TM - RZ is a biological fertilizer based on a selected strain of naturally-occurring beneficial bacteria - Rhizobium japonicum (NCIM 2743 ). They actively fix atmospheric nitrogen through a symbiotic relation with the leguminous plants. It is used as an effective soil application product.

Overdependence and abuse of nitrogenous fertilizers based on fossil fuel / chemical has resulted in depletion of beneficial soil microbial organisms. Cost of chemical nitrogenus fertilizers is increasing progressively and making it unaffordable to farmers. Biological nitrogen Fixation ( BNF) is proven concept for over a century and is a cost effective proposition.

Agri Life NITROFIX TM - RZ contains vegetative cells of Rhizobium japonicum . It is formulated as carrier based powder with CFU count of 5 X 10 ^ 7 / g. and as 1*10^8 CFU/ml Liquid. NITROFIX TM - RZ is registered under the Fertilizer Control Order- Govt of India. NITROFIX TM - RZ is approved for use in Organic Agriculture.

Mode of Action
Nitrogen cannot be absorbed by the plants owing to the strong triple bonds between the nitrogen atoms making it inert and therefore non assimable by plants.

Signal exchanges : The symbiotic relationship implies a signal exchange between the rhizobia and the legume that leads to development of symbiotic structures.

Bio Active compound synthesis : The roots of host legume plant secretes flavonoids which are recognized by the Rhizobia. In response, the rhizobia secrete nod factors recognized by the plant causing root hair deformation and cellular processes such as ion fluxes.

Intracellular Infection : The rhizobia enters through the deformed root hair and forms intracellular tubes called the infection thread.

Crack Entry : in this case, no root hair deformation is observed and the bacteria penetrate between cells, through cracks produced by lateral root emergence. Later on, the bacteria become intracellular and an infection thread is formed like in intracellular infections.

Nodule formation : The infection triggers cell division in the root cortex where a new organ, the nodule, appears as a result of successive processes. Infection threads grow to the nodule, infect its central tissue and release the rhizobia in these cells, where they differentiate morphologically into bacteroids and fix nitrogen from the atmosphere into a plant-usable form, ammonium ions (NH4+), using the enzyme nitrogenase.

In return, the plant supplies the bacteria with carbohydrates, proteins, and sufficient oxygen so as not to interfere with the fixation process. Leghaemoglobins are secreted which are plant proteins similar to human hemoglobins that help to provide oxygen for respiration while keeping the free oxygen concentration low enough not to inhibit nitrogenase activity.

Method of Application
Seed Treatment : Mix 10 g. of Agri Life NITROFIX TM - RZ with 10 g. of crude sugar in sufficient water to make a slurry and coat 1 Kg of seeds, dry in shade and sow / broadcast / dibble in the field.
Note : Do not store treated / coated seeds more than 24 hrs
Seedling treatment : Mix 100 g. Agri Life NITROFIX TM - RZ with sufficient quantity of water and organic manure to form a slurry. The seedlings are dipped in this slurry for 30 minutes prior to planting so that the bacteria get attached to the roots.
Soil application : Mix 3-5 Kg/ acre of Agri Life NITROFIX TM - RZ with compost/FYM and apply to an acre of soil.
Drip Irrigation : Mix Agri Life NITROFIX TM - RZ @ 3 Kg / 3 L in sufficient water to form a solution and filter it. The filtrate can be used in the drip stream.

Target Nutrition
Nitrogen supplementation for legumes.

Agri Life NITROFIX TM - RZ is suitable for application on leguminous crops such as Ground nut, Black gram, Green gram, Red gram, Cow pea, Bengal gram, Mustard, Soy bean, French bean, Cluster bean, Lab-Lab, Sesbania and many more of the legume species.

Shelf Life
Agri Life NITROFIX TM - RZ is stable for a period of 12 months from the date of manufacturing.

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