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BioRub TM

BIORUBTM is a biological microbial consortium that controls Rubber Pink Disease of Rubber Plant that is caused by a fungus Corticium salmonicolor / Erythricium salmonicolor

BIORUBTM contains spores, mycelial fragments and vegetative cells of several anatagonistic microbes. . It is formulated as Wettable Powder with CFU count of 1 X 10 ^ 8 / g.

Mode of Action
BIORUBTM Is a unique formulation of several microbes which exhibit an antifungal effect against Corticium salmonicolor / Erythricium salmonicolor which is the causal organism of Pink disease of Rubber .The metabolites and toxins secreted by each of the microbes in the consortium pathogenise the target fungus and inhibit its growth eventually colonizing and killing the target pathogen.

Method of Application
Prophylactic Control
Soil Application : Mix BIORUBTM @ 1 Kg per 100 Kg of Neem Cake and maintain 15% moisture and incubate in shade for 4 days. Apply treated Neem Cake @ 2 Kg per plant and incorporate in soil.

Foliar Application : Spraying two rounds of BIORUBTM @ 5 g / L of water (during May and August) on to the fork and branches reduces disease incidence.

Plant Swabbing : For 2-year-old plants, the topmost brown portion has to be applied with BIORUBTM paste (20 g BioRub + 250 g Talc powder in 1 L of water) with in a 30 cm wide band all around. The forking region also has to be applied with the paste.

In leaning plants, in addition, a 30 cm wide band on the convex side of the bend has to be applied.

In 3 years old plants, application has to be made on all major forking regions except the lowermost one and also on all the leaders of the topmost brown regions.

Target Diseases
Pink disease of Rubber

BIORUBTM is suitable for application on all types of Plantation Crops

Shelf Life
BIORUBTM is stable for a period of 12 months from the date of manufacturing.

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