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LIPEL ® is a biological pesticide based on a selected strain of naturally occurring beneficial soil bacteria Bacillus thuringiensis var kurstaki (NCIM 2514 ) that protects crops from several insect pests belonging to Orders Lepidoptera (moths and butterflies), Diptera (flies and mosquitoes), Coleoptera (beetles), Hymenoptera (wasps, bees, ants and sawflies ) It is used as an effective foliar spray. LIPEL ® contains endospores of Bacillus thuringiensis var kurstaki. It is formulated as 18,000 IU/mg powder formulation. LIPEL ® is registered by Indian Pesticides Regulatory Authority - Central Insecticides Board, Govt of India. LIPEL ® is approved for use in Organic agriculture.

Mode of Action
Sporulation : The endospores are released through sporulation upon contact with the insect after spraying.

Protein formation : Upon sporulation crystal proteins or CRY proteins are formed that produce δ-endotoxins which are encoded by cry genes that have insecticidal action. The cry genes are located on the plasmid. When insects ingest toxin crystals, the alkaline pH of their digestive tract activates the toxin. Cry toxin gets inserted into the insect gut cell membrane, forming a pore. The pore results in cell lysis and eventual death of the insect.

Receptor site compatibility : Time taken for the occurrence of death is dependent on the presence of specific receptor sites on the insect's gut wall. Also this match between toxin and receptor sites determines the range of insect species killed by Bacillus thuringiensis var. kurstaki. When the activated toxin attaches to receptor sites, it paralyzes and destroys the cells of the insect's gut wall, allowing the gut contents to enter the insect's body cavity and bloodstream.

Method of Application
Foliar application :Mix LIPEL ® in water and spray on crops. Dilution in water depends on IU/mg of formulation. Mix 5 g/L of water for 18,0000 /mg powder formulation and 3 g/L of water for 32,000 / mg powder/ liquid formulation.

Dusting : Dust ( 100 IU / mg ) LIPEL @ 25 Kg / Ha .
Note : It should not be mixed with strong alkaline chemicals or bactericides. Since it is poisonous to silkworm, it is advised not to use Lipel ® -SP near Sericulture area

Target Pests
Helicoverpa spp , Spodoptera spp , Plutella spp ( Diamond back moith ) , Loopers , Leaf eating caterpillars, Fruit borers and other Lepidopterous pests

Cabbage, Cauliflower , Tomato , Chillies , Vegetables , Pulses , Cereals , Millets , Oilseeds, Fibre Crops , Sugar Crops , Forage Crops , Plantation crops , Fruits, Spices , Flowers , Medicinal crops , Aromatic Crops , Orchards and Ornamentals

Shelf Life
LIPEL ® is stable for a period of 12 months from the date of manufacturing.

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