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Biostimulants are products of natural and organic origin that stimulate plants to achieve their highest growth and yield potential.

Biostimulants are akin to BioFertilizers as they also promote crop growth and yield. The use of BioStimulants along with Fertilizers could reduce chemical fertilizer use to a large extent and as much as 50 % as they supplement the soil with essential nutrients.

The BioStimulants are compatible with conventional fertilizers and pesticides. BioStimulants aid in improved microbial activity in soil and improve soil tilth , thereby also enhancing the effect of BioFertilizers.

These biostiulants affect different parameters such as: root and shoot development, flowering, fruiting, stomatal opening / elongation, stress tolerance and yield parameters such as grain size and grain weight.

Agri Life manufactures the following Bio Stimulants:

  • Seaweed Extract
  • Bioactive humic and fulvic substances from Vermicompost
  • Protein hydrolysates of vegetative origin
  • Liquid organic manure
  • Soil health improver
  • Root respiration product/ Oxygen liberator for fields
  • Seed treatment product
  • Triacontanol
  • Growth promoters
  • Pongamia Cake , Neem cake , Neem kernel cake
  • Neem coating agent for urea
  • Composting microbial consortium

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