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Agri BoomTM

Agri Life AgriBoomTM is a Liquid Organic Manure comprising of bioactive substances of vermicompost and seaweed.

AgriLife AgriBoomTM provides Bioenergy and Biostimulants required for crops and has biologically derived nutrients and biostimulant substances.

AgriLife AgriBoomTM is extracted from vermicompost and seaweed in unique cold process and as such bioactive substances are not denatured.

Agri Life AgriBoomTM provides nutrients in an organic form to plants. It also aids in cell division, cell elongation, tillering and vegetative growth. It imparts stress tolerance to withstand adverse abiotic conditions. It induces better flowering and reduces flower dropping and Imparts better organoleptic qualities to the fruit. It improves yield through better grain formation and fruiting.

Agri Life AgriBoomTM is formulated as a foliar application product.

Mode of Action
Biostimulant production : Agri Life AgriBoomTM consists of bioactive humic and fulvic substances of vermicompost origin. It consists of cytokinins , auxins, betaines and gibberellins that are derived from seaweed fermentation. It consists of biologically derived N,P,K and trace elements from vermicompost and seaweed which aid in better root and shoot growth and supplement the plant with essential nutrients at critical stages of crop growth.

Method of Application
Foliar application : Mix Agri Life AgriBoomTM @ 2ml / Litre of water and spray during growth and fruit formation stages. Spray volume depends on crop canopy.
Seed dressing : Mix 5 ml of Agri Life AgriBoomTM with 1 Kg of seed thoroughly and sow.
Root dipping : Mix 5 ml of Agri Life AgriBoomTM per litre of water and dip the roots for 5 minutes before planting.

Agri Life AgriBoomTM is suitable for application for on Cereals , Millets , Pulses, Oilseeds, Fibre Crops , Sugar Crops , Forage Crops , Plantation crops ,Vegetables, Fruits, Spices , Flowers , Medicinal crops , Aromatic Crops , Orchards and Ornamentals.

Shelf Life
Agri Life AgriBoomTM is stable for a period of 36 months from the date of manufacturing.

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