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OxyrichTM trial on water logged tur crop in Bijapur, Karnataka.

In 2010 Rabi crop was effected by heavy rains in north karnataka, lands were flooded. Tur crop was stunted and no growth due to water logging. Farmer had decided to uproot the crop. OxyrichTM was applied @ 1kg per acre (2.5 kg per hectre) along with a top dress fertilizer. And in few weeks - when all plots had no crop coming up - OxyrichTM applied tur crop fought the water logged condition and crop came up beautifully!

What is OxyrichTM ? OxyrichTM is calcium peroxide based oxygen provider to plants. When OxyrichTM comes in contact with water - oxygen is liberated and roots respire well! Soil microflora find the ecosystem condisive to grow. Amaszing results are obtained when OxyrichTM (2.5 kg) and KohinoorTM (50 kg) are applied together, resluts are very good in all crops.

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