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Rootam Bio®

RootamBio is a unique Water Soluble Powder formulation of biological rooting inducer comprising of a consortia that incorporates a variety of biofertilizer and biofungisstatic cultures, mycorrhizhae , seaweed derivatives ,humic and fulvic substances and vitamins that work together to stimulate rooting in the early stages of crop development. RootamBio can be applied as a seed dressing product, ss a nursery drench product and main field spray product. RootamBio imparts stress resistance to plants to withstand biotic and abiotic stresses as well as induces profuse rooting that promotes plant growth and development right from the early stages of crop .

Mode of Action
RootamBio contains BioFertilizer cultures Mycorrhizhae, Microbes which fix Nitrogen , solubilize Phosphorus , Potassium and Silica that are essential nutrients for crop development ; Biostimulants and vitamins act as further catalysts that stimulate rooting and Fungistatic cultures protect the young seed / seedling from pathogen attack.

Method of Application
Nursery drench: Mix 1 g RootamBio in 1 L water and use this solution for drenching the nursery.

Spray RootamBio Solution @ 1-1.5 g per L of water once 15 days after sowing and next 30 days after sowing.

Target use
RootamBio imparts good vegetative growth, supplements macro and micro nutrients , vitamins and growth factors essential during early crop growth stages.

RootamBio is compatible with BioPesticides , Bio Fertilizers. It is advisable to avoid mixing Rootam Bio with chemicals.

Shelf Life
RootamBio is stable for a period of 12 months from the date of manufacturing.

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