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Agrilife SilrichTM - Trails

Agrilife SilrichTM P-1 trials on lignin rich biomass february-2012

Lignin rich biomass is difficult to decompose by normal microbes. We were trying for last 5 years to develop mkicrobial consortium to decompose lignin rich biomass - like - oil palm residue. Finally we have developed Agrilife SilrichTM - P-1, microbial consortium to digest lignin rich biomass. We produce Anosom (Annonin / Squamocin) from seeds of seethaphal (custard apple - annona squamosa). The spent cake of custard apple seed is rich in lignin. We have tested our new "SilrichTM - P-1" lignin decomposing mkicrobial consortium - and the results are amazing! Just 1 kg of silrich - p1 per tonne of lignin rich biomass is decomposing! The pics are of trial being done Just 10 days over. Look at the colonisation of lignin decomposing microbes of Agrilife SilrichTM - P-1 on spent cake of seeds of seethaphal seeds (annona squamosa - custard appple). Mats of decomposing microbes just in 7 days! And the biomass is getting decomposed. The trial will continue for 45 days and you will see many more pics as it happens.

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