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Agri Life GRANUM

Agri Life Granum is a natural, non toxic, environment friendly mineral based seed/grain protectant . Agri Life Granum helps check losses incurred owing to insect damage such as weight loss, quality loss , monetary loss and a loss of goodwill .

Seed/grain storage post harvest is a major concern at different points of storage viz farm, granary , warehouses and homes. Seed moisture content and temperature are factors that influence the longevity of the grain storage. Seed moisture content is more important than temperature. These factors determine the intensity of damage caused by insects.

Mode of Action
Agri Life Granum kills all stages of pest in different storage conditions.

Agri Life Granum has an abrasive action on the insect body and lacerates the body and kills it .It also absorbs excess moisture.

Method of Application
Mix Agri Life Granum @ 3- 5 Kg / Tonne of seed/grain depending on moisture content.

Target Pests :

  • Storage grain pests

Shelf Life
Agri Life Granum is stable for a period of 36 months from the date of manufacturing.

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